Nargis Mallika
₹245 to ₹760
from 250g to 1kg
Traditional Masala Chai - a celebratory curation of all natural 6 Indian spices with prime harvest tea leaves from Assam
Nargis Sultan
₹230 to ₹690
from 250g to 1kg
Extra Strong & Kadak : with extra strength in each cup, this tea wakes you up instantly and gives a dumdaar flavour
Nargis Maharaj
₹220 to ₹680
from 250g to 1kg
Rich 100% Assam chai : a quintessential Indian breakfast chai from Assam with a rich flavour
Nargis Begum
₹215 to ₹615
from 250g to 1kg
Chai with long leaves : A classic combination of taste & aroma, 20% extra long leaves give balanced strength
Nargis Bombay Badshah
₹240 to ₹740
from 250g to 1kg
Bombay cutting chai : A warm cup of tea with natural cardamom, ginger and fennel seeds
Nargis Mastani Gul Kesari
₹380 to ₹1110
from 250g to 1kg
Rose saffron chai : An indulgent sweet experience with a rich dose of saffron and rose
Darjeeling Leaf
₹280 to ₹950
from 100g to 500g
Darjeeling Whole leaf : long aromatic leaves from the hills of darjeeling with a sweet muscatel flavour
Green Tea leaf
₹220 to ₹760
from 100g to 500g
Plain & natural : A classic whole leaf green tea, rich in antioxidants & catechins, perfect to maintain a healthy & hydrated lifestyle

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